Pitzer College Emergency Procedures Handbook
for Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors


To the Pitzer College Community:

Pitzer College Campus Facilities and Campus Safety have joined together to compile this handbook to assist you in preparing for, dealing with, and reporting emergency situations appropriately.

While it is impossible to produce a document that is all-inclusive, this handbook addresses the most common emergencies that have occurred in the past and those that may occur in the future.

It is our hope you will take time to review this handbook and become familiar with each procedure. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact any of the following:

Campus Facilities, x72226
Campus Safety, x72000


If a member of the media calls or appears on campus regarding an emergency, please take the following steps:

  1. Politely decline to answer questions. (But do not say, “No Comment”)
  2. Take their name and phone number and tell them that someone will call back within the hour.
  3. Do not interfere with news crews or reporters. However, alert Campus Safety and the Pitzer Public Affairs Office (909) 621-8219 of their presence and location. State law allows reporters at disaster scenes and permits them to cross police lines.
  4. Notify the Office of Public Relations as soon as possible. If you have pertinent information that can be made public (number of deaths, injured, property damage, hazards), please tell the Office of Public Relations.

Do not speculate on the extent of the emergency or reveal any information to the media because anything you say may be interpreted as the official position of Pitzer College.