Pitzer College Emergency Procedures Handbook
for Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors


If an incident (hazardous environment, armed intruders, etc.) develops that requires you to remain where you are, an announcement will be made by a Pitzer official through the Brant Clocktower loudspeakers. The announcement will also be broadcast through all available personal media, which may include e-mail, voicemail, instant messaging, Web site and others.

Should you receive or hear the message to stay in place:

  1. Remain calm
  2. Lock doors, if possible
  3. Move away from windows and doors
  4. Await further instructions from Pitzer officials and broadcast messages from Pitzer College.



  1. All building evacuations will occur when an alarm sounds continuously or upon notification by emergency personnel and/or Campus Safety.
  2. Be aware of all marked exits from your area and building. Know the routes from your work area or residence. Lit and marked exit signs are installed in all buildings on campus.
  3. Take note of physically handicapped individuals in your area who may need assistance.
  4. If necessary or if directed to do so by a designated emergency official, activate the building fire alarm.
  5. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS during an emergency evacuation. Emergency response personnel may use an elevator for the evacuation after the review of the circumstances.
  6. When the building fire alarm is sounded or when told to leave by a Pitzer or civil official, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same. Once outside, move to the Evacuation Site designated for the building as shown on the back page of this packet.
  7. DO NOT return to an evacuated building until instructed to do so by a Pitzer or civil authority.